Trincomalee – One Day Trip

Trincomalee – One Day Trip

If you know about us, you know that Sri Lanka is a smaller place since we got married. As a part of our usual routine, We went to Anuradhapura during January and made a trip to Trincomalee. We covered few of the main attractions within the day. We managed as we started the journey from Anuradhapura. For someone who travels from Colombo, It will have to be a stay at Anuradhapura, and then to Trincomalee Sri Lanka.

Here goes the list of places we visited.


Koneshvaram Temple


Also known as Thirukoneshvaram Kovil, this place holds a deep  historical value. As a result, Hindu community largely visits Trincomalee Sri lanka. The path towards the kovil is packed with tiny shops selling many varieties of souvenirs and of course fruit drinks, mostly Lime. You also spot Deers, Lazily lying beyond the fences of the path. Many notice boards are around, reminding visitors not to litter the sacred ground. If not for the clean country, people should obey the notices for the sake of those poor deers who eats the polythene unknowingly.


The Kovil looks magnificent with it’s sky scraping statue of Shiva at the entrance. Located on top of a rock, you are in for a hot-plate walk if you visit the place during afternoon. Inside, you witness the many pillars and typical hindu temple architecture, and chanting that take place as per schedule.


What’s interesting for most of us who visits there for sight seeing, is the “Lover’s leap” or “Ravana’s Cleft” at swami rock. It is about 350 ft above the sea level and looks straight in to the ocean. The view is breathtaking! You can gaze at the ocean for long hours but too bad it is actually in middle of a narrow path that runs as a circular road. So you just have to keep moving, to accommodate the other visitors. Having faced destruction during different times from enemy troops, ruins of Koneshvaram temple are believed to be lying underwater. While some of you may mark religious places out from your trip, Lover’s leap can be one reason that you visit here, just for it’s unparalleled view.




Kanniya Hot Water Wells


Much spoken about and written about, these interesting water wells hold hot water, with nature’s own way of heating it. There are 7 wells in total, and the temperature differs depending on the external factors. The history of the place connects to King Ravana, where he started performing religious rites for his mother and then it was carried on till date by Tamils for their lost family members.


It doesn’t have a fancy entrance as such, but you need to pay an entrance fee. You have to remove foot ware, and if you wish to bath, you cannot use soap or shampoo or anything else that pollutes the hot springs. Since we were not ready to bath (or not willing to, with many others already occupying the area), we went around all 7 wells, dipping our hand to feel the heat. Well, I can generally resist heat, therefore, I didn’t experience a huge temperature difference in the water. But it does feel hot. Those wells are not that deep. One would hold about 10 water buckets max.


We spent probably 15 minutes maximum at this place as there is nothing much to see. You get a few sellers with sweets and handmade souvenirs etc at the sides of the road leading to the hot springs.

Nilaveli Beach


We reached Nilaveli beach at such an inconvenient time. 12pm! The blazing hot sun was good enough to roast us alive but still we wanted to visit the beach. When you reach closer to the beach, you have enough and more residents around the area to escort to their own car park. Usually the parks include small shower rooms and tanks to wash feet, for the cost of I think 100/=. All inclusive of Parking and water.

The beach was clean! I felt it that way because the beaches in Colombo are busier, and littered all over. Apart from that it was windy, salty and wavy as usual but what is enjoyable is that it is less crowded. You can have your own happy time, dip in the sea and enjoy the sands. We couldn’t do any of it because of the limited time we had and of course, the scorching sun. I’m sure it is a beautiful view during the dawn and dusk!


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