Travel Tips: 5 Things To Do When Travelling

Travelling wouldn’t be fun if you only traveled to say ‘Oh, I have been there’. Over the trips that we made, we often look back at the destinations we have been to and we are proud of certain little things we do to make out trips special. Maintaining this blog is one of them but there are more things that we do, to make the trip memorable. Here are a list of things that we do, and a few extra pointers that we want to do in our future trips.

Travel Tip 1: Eat Local

travel tip travel local

You cannot say you truly enjoyed a country without tasting their authentic cuisines! That is what I believe. A lot is explained through local food in a country, and if you are still looking for your favorite fish & chips or Biriyani in Indonesia, you are doing travelling all wrong. Go to a place where locals recommend, and you wouldn’t regret it. Reminds me of the times when we tried BBQ Pork at Bali which was recommended by our tour guide and when we read reviews and hopped to a roadside Saiwar in Jaffna for authentic Ulundu wade. The authenticity of these makes me want to go back just for the food.

Travel Tip 2: Buy a souvenir

Travel tip travel souveniers

We are in the process of covering our refrigerator with fridge magnets from various places we have been to. It is a fun way of collecting memories, and having a walk down the memory lane every now and then when you get time to pay attention to your refrigerator door, instead of the food inside. A friend suggested that I collect sand or maybe jewelry from each place, which is also a good idea. I would love to have a display of tiny sand bottles, with a tag of the place where I got it from.

Travel Tip 3: Maintain a travel diary

Travel tips travel diary

Which I’m already doing now, via this blog. It can be a blog, if you like sharing. Or it can be an actual diary or a private online journal, if you are an introvert to the extreme levels. It’s a good way to keep your memories preserved and also go back and check up on details if you want to help someone organize a tour to a destination you have been to. For me, I want to read on the trips we made when we are 60 and grey, and be happy about the risks we took and the paths we took.

Travel Tip 4: Take Public Transport

Travel Tips Travel Local

Travelling in Public Transport can be daunting in some countries, if you are a solo traveler, but I feel that it is a necessity when being a tourist. Public transport guarantees to give a feel of how the country is, or how the people are. It is a good way of interacting with the locals. Seeing how my own Sri Lankan citizens treat tourists, and also being myself out there in another country, it is sometimes nice to be treated, greeted and welcomed to a country by the locals. If you do sit next to a chatty local, chances are, you get to hear and understand more about their lifestyle better than what you find on google.

Travel Tip 5: Have a signature picture

Travel tips follow me to
Courtesy: instagram // muradosmann

The infamous couple ‘Follow me to’ created a trend in the travelling world when they came up with a series of pictures where the girl is leading the guy around the world. It doesn’t have to be dramatic, but it is nice to have an identity to your travel diary with an artistic picture. You can have a soft toy, or something dear to you be the focus, in a background of a famous monument. Or be like my friend who takes her dirty converse shoes around the country, taking pictures of the shoes only in different backdrops.

This is our list of 5 things to do when travelling. If you have more, let us know so we can try

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