Jaffna – Getting Around the City

Jaffna – Getting Around the City

For those who reach Jaffna in public transportation, getting around the city would be a question. As we reached Jaffna by Train, getting to places was not sorted (Or even thought of by the time). We thought of checking the available options to travel Jaffna and figuring out what suites best. Here is a compilation of how we figured our way.

Tuk Tuks 

Tuk Tuk is a life saver to anyone ranging from tourists or locals. It is a fast and a cheap travel option, countrywide. You get tuk rides in almost all popular places. As soon as you get out from the Train station, you notice a lane full of trishaws, right in front. Only a few knows a little Sinhala or English. So be sure to have your hands and fingers ready to communicate. We got in to a trishaw without even bargaining or asking the price (We didn’t dare to bargain. It is a foreign land for us and didn’t want trouble on the first few minutes itself) and got ourselves dropped at the Hotel. It was just 150/= 🙂 They don’t have tuk meters, but it sounded fair even if it was 2 Kms.

None of them have a defined rate for a trip. It is mostly like the gut feeling they have for the route we take. So be prepared for it but we figured it is not as expensive as the gut feel of trishaws in Colombo 😉

Nano Cabs

We wanted to tour around the city in the little time we had. We first asked from the hotel if they could arrange us a Trishaw maybe, but they said they can get us a car, which will be over the budget than what we expect. So we head out to the road, hoping to catch a trishaw.

It was around 9.00am in the morning. There were tuks but no drivers. A couple of Nanos were available right in front of Cargills Square, but we didn’t care to ask for rates as they are generally pricier. A man walked up to us and explained why we should get a Nano. It sounded fair. 50/= Per Kilo Meter and no waiting charge. The max would be around 500/= to visit Nallur, Jaffna Fort, Rio Ice Cream and the Library.

I suggest you take a Nano as it is really hot out there ( 31 degrees) and it is quite fare because the expense was only 400/= actually. We gave 100/= gratitude for the driver as he walked around with us explaining a bit at the fort.

To Conclude, I would say taxi fares are quite cheap compared to the rates in Colombo. Do not be afraid to roam around the city using the above means.





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