Seetawaka Botanic Gardens

Open hours: 7.30 am to 5.00 pm

Entrance Tickets: (depends on your purpose to visit) Locals 60/=

Location: Ilukovita


Paradise for Photographers, this park in middle of the mountains is a treat for your eyes. The introduction of this park is not older than maybe 2 years, and it is at it’s peak of popularity. We had our first visit to the park for our own private shoot. The second visit, was purely for documentary and photography purpose. So here goes the details of the site┬áHoping to inspire you to pay a visit. ­čÖé

Getting There

Seetawaka Botanic Garden is in Avissawella. It is located on the Puwakpitiya-Thummodara main road, closer, around Illukowita area. We left Colombo around 7.15 am and reached the park by about 8.30 am. Google Maps can mislead you at times, putting you through unimaginably narrow roads, so do check before you blindly turn the vehicle in. Closer to the park, it is a bumpy ride. The day we went, construction was taking place so we lost a bit of time to get to the park.

Seethawaka botanical Gardens

Seethawaka botanical Gardens
Thummodera - Puwakpitiya Road

Park Entrance & Tickets

This park probably has the most rules and regulations, and ticket types I guess. As the park is mostly used for photo shoots, they have customized pricing. Here goes a breakdown of what I was able to gather.

  • Wedding Pre-Shoots – 1500/= Per couple (Please double check on the price. It was not mentioned)
  • Local Entrance – 60 /= ( Just to see the park etc. For people like us)
  • Boat Ride – 200/= ( one round, 2 pax)
  • Buggy Rides – 3 seats – 500/=
  • Buggy Rides – 7 seats – 1000/=

Please keep in mind that all entrance tickets are valid only till 5.00 pm. So even if you purchase it at 4.30 pm, you are out in half an hour. That is a lot of rules and regulations, but we understand why it is like that. The day we visited, there were more than 10 couples, for pre-shoot photography. Look at us, even we had our pre-shoot at the same park!

Park entrance at Seetawaka Botanic Garden


Park Tour

You can easily spend about 1 1/2 hours, enjoying the different landscapes in this 105 acre area. It is divided in to sections, or rather, stages. First stage is where the main park and the little lakes are. There is an area with entirely ferns, then endangered plants, and sections with flowers. When you walk up to the highest area, you get a viewing deck, which kind of gives a summary of the whole place. You get to see different types of birds and butterflies, apart from the plants.  The Park is still under construction, and as of now, phase 3 is underway.

View from the deck at Seethawaka botanic Garden
View from the Deck

Purpose to visit?

I have mentioned well enough by now that it is an ideal spot for photography. Apart from it, I think it would be a great educational tour, for whoever is interested in nature. There are some plants such as “Katu Imbula” “Wal Karambu” which we have only heard of, that you get to see in this area. Be it for leisure, education, or photography, this can be one of those one day trips from Colombo you make, to spend the day out of the city.

Seetawaka Botanic Garden


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