Staying at Laya Waves Pasikuda

Staying at Laya Waves Pasikuda

Overdue post but it is better late than never. This might be useful for anyone who is planning to visit Batticaloa, wanting to go to that end of the country and see how it is, rather than a super luxury bank-corrupting stay.

When we saw there was a long weekend coming up in November, the decision was made to go to much anticipated “Pasikuda”. Like everyone else, I googled for hotels and stumbled upon the A listed hotels that we all have heard and known about. Anilana, Anantaya, Jetwing etc. Since it was a two day stay, I checked prices in all of these hotels. I was not convinced to book any of them. If you know us by now, it’s pointless for us to spend on a high end room as we just come back to a hotel to eat and sleep. The prices of these were abosluetly not worth it, in our point of view as we were hoping to spend most of our time, out there, strolling along the roads in Batti. The total charge in these hotels for two days, came up to the same price of a tour package in Maldives or Malaysia, inclusive of air tickets. Not only that, when I check the tax amount for the rooms that I have to pay, It was the same amount as the room only charge!

Discovering Laya Waves

With hope that I will find a decent hotel with a fair price, I kept googling. Didn’t help. Then I searched on Google Maps. There, I spotted Laya Waves, located on the Kalkudah Bay. Luckily for us, there was an offer going on during the time period.  36,000/= for a Twin Room on half board basis. Fab! So we made the reservation.

Booking your stay at Laya Waves

Unlike other hotels in the area, Laya waves discourages you a little bit when booking your stay. You have to do a bank payment and email the slip to the hotel as they do not support online payment. Once you make a call to the hotel, they provide all the details for the deposit. We made the minimum payment of 5000/=.


The day before our visit, I got a call from the hotel. Apparently they have introduced a 40% off offer for Full Board bookings! Yay! So the total amount came down to 21,000/= If I’m correct. And that is also with an added meal. I was already happy with Laya waves.

Bit about the Hotel




After researching a bit, we figured that the hotel is maintained by the Sri Lankan Army. Not entirely sure but we assumed that the staff at the hotel are somehow connected to military & these hotels were mainly established for the military families to enjoy holidays for a concession rate.

The Hotel & Rooms






Built in 4 tall structures, the hotel has a total of 8 rooms. Each structure has 2 rooms, with one ground and one upper floor. We requested for upstairs as the view would be better. At the entrance, we were greeted with a welcome drink. The staff is friendly. The hotel is smaller than what I had imagined, but I liked it. It was like a private space for us with less people around.

The rooms! I was amazed for the size of the room, for the price we paid. It was like a small apartment, entirely for us. With a seating area at the entrance, and then a dining table. There is a separate entrance for the bedroom and the bathroom. It was honestly surprising as we didn’t expect so much for the price we paid.

The bathroom fittings, facilities and interior of the room, shows that the hotel was recently built. There was a wardrobe, a folding cloth rack & balcony with a lovely view of the pool & sea. Loved the room!


Just as in other hotels, they serve a set menu if there are less number of guests. Or else, it will be buffet. We got quite late on the first day when we reached for lunch, so most of the food was over. There was enough food only for the two of us.

The food failed to impress us as much as the rooms did. It was not about the quality of food. The preparation had no fault at all. It was tasty. But the compilation, or the combinations were questionable. There weren’t enough variety. Also, the cuisines were mismatched. I would have preferred if they did only Sri Lankan or Only Indian, rather than doing just one dish of one cuisine. The breakfast buffet usually is exciting at any hotel but it failed to make an impression for us at Laya waves.

Another drawback was as a result of the weather change. Since it was just after the rain, there were a ton of flies! Of course the hotel staff can’t do much about it as the restaurant was also an open area. We requested to have lunch in our room on the 2nd day and it was possible as they had a set menu then.


Laya waves was a convenient option for us, overall. I know the food department failed to impress too much, but I guess that is how the cost was balanced. We couldn’t ask for everything to be perfect for a deal as such. But we are thankful for the awesome service, and the super duper room! If you have read our previous post, you would know that Pasikuda  is nothing much other than Sun, Sand & Sea. So you do need a good place to lie down and relax while gazing in to the ocean, and that is what this hotel gave us. We recommend this place for any one who is like us, who is not too picky on food but appreciates a good view and a comfortable sleep.




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  • Carl Beckman

    June 15, 2017

    You should mention that this hotel is particularly preferring Sri Lankan guests such as yourselves – currently a Deluxe room w/o breakfast goes for 12.000 LKR for Sri Lankans, while it is 18.000 LKR for all other guests. It is this kind of double standards which really puts off foreign travellers to Sri Lanka.