Hunas Falls Hotel

Hunas Falls Hotel

Hunas Falls is mostly known as a Honeymoon destination, when Central Province is considered. The hotel is known for it’s picturesque setting with mist, mountains and of course, the Waterfall. Our visit to the hotel was just to have a small break, while we visited Sembuwatta Lake. It would have been ideal if we got to spend a night, for a complete review. But, well, it was a trip done while we were at home for the weekend. Home was better than staying at the hotel 🙂 I still wanted to do a post on Hunas Falls, for the flowery treat it had for us.

Getting There

Contact Number: +94 814 940 32

Location: Elkaduwa, Kandy, Sri Lanka

Hunas Falls



The Hotel

Hunas Falls Hotel


We stopped over only to have some refreshments at the Cafe. Cafe/Bar is faced towards a little lake ( probably made of natural springs). There is a mini Golf course, a little bridge and a beautiful garden full of flowers that creates a relaxing environment in the hotel. A section is restrict for the residents, with benches and swings and a beautiful view to the mountains. The venue was crowded on the day we went. Therefore, we didn’t walk around much. Just the drinks and food and some pictures around. Also, They have some interesting Mock-tails. The food is also good.

Let’s go to what we loved the most about the hotel. Enjoy!




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