Ella – Little Adams Peak

Ella – Little Adams Peak


Those who visit Ella, mostly are the ones who stay at 98 Acres. From that, there would be only a few who would stay there for excursion. We are one of the few local couples who decided to catch the sunrise on top of Little Adams Peak during our honeymoon trip.

To give a bit of intro to this mountain, Little Adam’s peak has got it’s name because of the similar shape it  bares as the well known Adam’s Peak (Sri Padha). I’m yet to climb Sri Padha so I will consider this trip as a prep for it. 1141 m high, I suppose a fairly easy climb for those who hike frequently.

From 98 Acres Resort

From 98 Acres resort site, it is very easy to find the path. You have signs put up towards the hill. We were advised to start the Journey by 5.15 – 5.30 am to catch the sunrise by 6.30 am.

We met many foreign visitors to Little Adam’s Peak but no locals. The only locals were the dogs who followed our way up to the mountain. It was a fairly easy climb with steps at places or else cleared up paths. You get to pass the helipad of the hotel I suppose, at the beginning of the journey.

Just before the sunrise, we were on top of the mountain. The view was breath taking! It was worth the early wake up I would say even while being on honeymoon 😛 We spent about an hour admiring the view and catching the sun rise in every possible angle. The roads that run around Ella appeared beneath us, so tiny and beautifully. We were able to spot a few waterfalls that were very clear from the height we were at.

I did not want to leave the mountain top for a while, but we had another trip planned, to see the 9 Arch bridge. Therefore, we started our way down back to the hotel, which was obviously faster than climbing up.

Both of us enjoyed a great walk up to Little Adam’s Peak. It is worth the visit if you are staying around this area. You wouldn’t want to miss a full view of Ella.

Little Adams Peak Sri Lanka

Little Adams Peak Sri Lanka

Little Adams Peak Sri Lanka



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