The Beachy Affair in Central Coast

The Beachy Affair in Central Coast

The Christmas holiday of this year was highly unplanned. There was lots of uncertainties on what we want to do & where we will be. The indecisiveness left us with 4 whole days to do anything we want and of course our first pick is travelling. By the time we decided, that is at the end of November, the accommodation costs had hiked, and also the places that look appealing were already booked! That is when we planned to do multiple miniature trips in place of a stay over.
It is just 6 months here in Sydney and we haven’t seen much of the state yet. With having many options for destinations, we circled Central Coast for this holiday season. The last time we enjoyed a vacation by the beach was back in Sri Lanka. It is about time we appreciate the coastal area of New South Wales.
Our initial trip was planned to start from Parramatta, then to Central Coast and end at Hunter Valley. We ran short of time as soon as the list of places completed in the coastal area. Of course plans change when there are girls, a camera and beautiful backdrops to snap a gazillion breath taking pictures (That is how we got out of track) This post includes every place we stopped at, which had a good view.

Not really an attraction, but we stopped here for breakfast. I posted a picture on Instagram (which is above) from this breakfast location and there were many queries about the place. Honestly, it is a great stopover for a picnic. It is by the lake, on way to Central Coast, lots of Pine trees & Pretty. We noticed quite a number of folks who brought their boats for a river ride, which is also a great way to use this space.

Australian Wildlife Walkabout Park


The stop happened so that we can meet the Proud Australian species, Kangaroos & Koalas. You can easily spend closer to 2 hours over here, and even more if you have kids. There are Kangaroos, Peacocks, Wallabies roaming freely in the area, allowing visitors to pet them without annoying. The place has lots of activities including Boomerang throw, meeting Koalas and Reptiles, organized in to different time slots. If you fancy a certain activity, it is best to plan your visit based on the show times. We missed the Boomerang throw (Which would have been fun) but was able to stay for the Koala meet.

Bouddi National Park


Bouddi national park

An ideal place for anyone who loves hiking, and beaches. We didn’t research or plan much when we added Bouddi Park to the itinerary, but but the time we got there, it was scorching hot and our┬átummies were growling for lunch. So the idea of walking downhill to reach the cliff beach was out. We are definitely revisiting, with enough time to spend a proper day at the national park.

Avoca Beach


Avoca Beach

Avoca beach gave me flashbacks of Pasikuda. Maybe it is because of the shape of the beach and as it is a safe area with less waves. Ideal for a family outing and to let the kids on loose. This is also a beach permitted for dogs, so the four legged family members can also join. Avoca beach has a lake right next to it that does not join with the sea (Two salt level options – neat!) We dropped by one of the cafes closeby, and helped ourselves to a humongous serving of fish n chips for lunch.

 Norah Head Light House





This should be the most beautiful location from all places we visited in Central Coast. If you plan well in advance, accommodation right at the light house apartments is possible, which I felt as an ideal way to spend a family weekend. The rocky beach extends right towards the ocean, and also there are a couple of blow holes around the area. It is wise to visit Norah Head during the evening, as the heated rocks can basically fry your feet during the summer.

Caves Beach


Caves Beach
Our last stop was at the Caves Beach. The two of us have a special kind of love for Cliff beaches. Ever since Bali made us fall in love with Blue Point beach, I have been wanting to go back to a similar place. I wouldn’t say Caves Beach is just as the same, but it is a a close fit.
There is an entrance to the cave with a car park right above, but Google Maps probably mislead us and we had to take a 10 minute walk along the beach to get there from a different parking spot. It was alright, as the purple horizon from the sunset gave us time to snap lots of pictures as we walked towards the cave. This place is heavenly & romantic, only if it was less crowded. Pretty sure it is, during weekday evenings
Have you visited Central Coast already? What other places are worth a visit and also looks pretty photogenic?

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