Brief Garden – Bentota

Brief Garden – Bentota

A long overdue post!.The actual visit happened somewhere in October 2014. As a result, I have forgotten most of the details attached to it’s history. Therefore, With a bit of research and a few moments of silence to regain memory, I managed to continue on the post.

Brief Garden, is the personal space of Bevis Bawa, the brother of the famous architect, Geoffrey Bawa. The Bawa brothers were wealthy by birth, and the estates they have turned in to gardens, were passed down by their father. Rumors has it that Breif Garden was an attempt to outdo what his brother did at Lunuganga Estate. In our opinion, he achieved it. I find Brief Garden more appealing. Because, it is spread across a smaller area compared to Lunuganga.

Bevis Bawa, had a passion for adolescent boys. In other words, he was gay. This estate used to be a party house for the boys in the village, to have a good time with the owner. The fact is especially relevant as he found most of his inspiration, through this characteristic in him.

Entrance Details

Brief Garden

Entry Fee: Rs. 1000/= (Includes guided tour through the house)


Brief Garden


The Garden

The process is fairly easier to enter Brief Garden, compared to Lunuganga. There is a small guard room at the entrance, with a man who gives the tickets. Thereafter, you enter to the park through the iron door. The two of us were on our own, until we reached the house. It is all green, filled with bushes, ferns, and varieties of trees. Every stairway, pond, and statue is elaborated. The slope of the garden is beautifully utilized, to create a cascading pond. At every corner, you find a sculpture that has a lot to do with male genitals. Either that, or a naked statue of a man. Those statues become questionable to you, until you reach the house and get to know the history of the creator, that I have stated above.

Landscape at Brief Garden

The House

Spacious, allowing natural wind to blow through, the house is full of pictures hung on the wall. As you have guessed by now, we have more naked pictures of men. Mostly as arts done by the owners friends. The only item that is female, is the carving of a double grown coconut on one of the tables. One of the corridors, have a series if hand painted images. They tell the story of Bevis Bawa, with little poems to describe his life with men. The house has a earthy look to it, with the colors and the interior chosen to fill the space. Furthermore, it has a stairway that leads to the entrance, which is actually what we thought was the guard room.

Interior at Brief Garden


More Inspiration

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