Bali – Fact Sheet

Bali – Fact Sheet

Please do note that those “Facts” are what we experienced, on our own during our Bali Vacation. Those may not be significant in the actual culture whatsoever. Basically, please don’t charge me for anything that may not be true! 😛 this is just our take!)

1.Some areas clearly hate Uber! or any other online/global taxi services

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They have signs with a big red cross over Uber sign and a few more taxi services. What we assumed was the local mafia of taxis have put up this signs where it says No Uber or blue taxi can go beyond the gates, or drop passengers at the entrance. We recommend getting a tour guide along with a plan, as taxis can be expensive when travelling at a length.

2.Bali doesn’t have proper public transport. 

If you are planning to just land there, and find your way around Bali in public bus service or trains, you are in for a surprise. They do not have proper public transport. Almost every house owns a motor bike or a scooter. Either you hire a driver (They are reasonably priced) or get International license and hire a scooter.

3.No Salt for Rice.

Us Sri Lankans. We know our rice too well. We want it with salt and we prefer it white. It can be very different in Bali. There is defiantly no salt, and you would easily spot the rice, just in the rice cooker itself, in hotel buffets. Unlike us, they adore red rice, which is organic.

4.If you don’t want to buy, Don’t entertain the sellers

This is a piece of advice we got from our driver. Don’t even go to ask for the prices if you don’t wish to buy. Possibility is, you will have a seller following you all the way back to the airport, negotiating, until you purchase.

5.Be ready to feel like a multi millionaire, with good math skills

You will be dealing only with thousands and millions. a simple taxi fare would come up to 100,000/= Always be sure to have a rough idea to convert amounts to your currency or you will end up spending way over your budget.

6.Banana Fritters are their watalappan

Like our staple dessert in any Sri Lankan buffet is watalappan, they have Banana Fritters as a common sweet.

7.Go for fresh fruit juices

They are of good quality than what we find here, locally. Especially the watermelon ones!

8.You haven’t completely experienced Bali without a good dish of Babi Guling

“Babi Guling” is a barbecued pork, smeared generously with soy sauce. I tried it at two places and they were out of this world!

9. Tegalalang is the place if you are in to interior decor

I’m not much of an interior decor fanatic, but even I couldn’t stop gawking at those beautiful pieces of art along the way.

 10. Nasi Goreng for breakfast is basically fried rice in Sri Lanka

So, what we eat with rice mixed with a bit of veggies and egg, is balinese breakfast nasi goreng. During my entire stay, I didn’t give up on my hunt for authentic nasi. By the end of the tour, I realized, that no one does better Nasi Goreng than we do 😛

11. Day before the Balinese New year is celebrated in complete silence.

As we learnt from our tour guide, this is like a curfew day. Therefore, if you are planning a trip, make sure to avoid this date. Tour operators will not be functioning on this day. Due to this reason, you will have to spend your entire day in the hotel or walk on your own somewhere close by.


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