How we planned our Bali Tour under 800 USD each

How we planned our Bali Tour under 800 USD each

To answer all the questions I got after our 5 day tour ,  I thought of doing a break down of expenses using US Dollars, so anyone could relate.

A note on the above expense as  800 USD, it is actually the cost per person, twin sharing basis. You will get the details below.

Air Fare to Bali

We purchased the tickets during May 2016 while there was a HSBC credit card offer going on. The deal was 20% off on tickets purchased at AirAsia. One thing to keep in mind is that budget airlines add the baggage & food charge separately. So here is a small note on how we took care of that.

  • It is a 5 day vacation, so we didn’t plan to carry tons of cloths. We left our electronics as well, except for the Tab and Camera. So one of us adding baggage to our ticket was sensible for the In bound and Out Bound trips separately.
  • There will be four flights for the entire tour. 2 Outbound, 2 Inbound. You have the option of adding meals for each of them (That would be 4 x 2 = 8 meals). One meal would cost about USD 6, which will total in to 42 dollars. Trust me, you can buy better food during transit than the flight food we get. So we reserved meals only for the flight from Kuala Lumpur to Bali. We made sure to Load up well, when leaving Colombo, at KUL Airport and then before leaving Bali.
  • Take an empty bottle and fill it up after you pass security at the airport. You will save paying extra for water in flight, which is generally expensive.

Total Expense on Tickets: 755 USD

Accommodation in Bali

You can get really good accommodation in Bali, for a very less rate. Best place to search for hotel deals is, Agoda. We had to take care of our accommodation for 3 nights, from our 4 nights, 5 day tour. So here goes how we did that.

Note: We booked every room Bed & Breakfast basis as we didn’t know where we’ll be during lunch or dinner. Also, that allows you to try different restaurants and street food as you are not bound to come back to the hotel 🙂

  • Best Western Resort, Kuta
    • On the day we arrive, we wanted to stay in Kuta, to do a bit of exploring on our own. Mainly, to visit Kuta Beach and around the city.
    • We didn’t want to select a pricey hotel as we were not planning to stay for long in the hotel on the first day.
  • Le Grande Golf Resort, South Kuta
    • Our 3 day itinerary ended from South Kuta. To save travel time, we selected a hotel in the area itself.
    • This was our splurge opportunity. Since we have 2 days to spend, we  wanted better accommodation.
    • Agoda offered a really good price for this hotel. It had everything we wanted. So why not! 🙂
    • This should be farely a new hotel, so they offer rooms at generous prices. You might want to do a bit of research and get lucky as South Kuta area is developing rapidly, and there will be many more 5 star hotels for introductory rates.

Total Expense at Best Western Resort, Kuta :  30 USD 

Total Expense on Le Grande, Bali :  37 USD * 2 nights = 74 USD

Tour Package in Bali

Bali Bliss Travel Company (, is what we chose as our tour guide. This was found just by googling, and then a bit of review reading at Trip Advisor, to know that we are making a wise choice. They have many choices for tour packages, based on your interest, or the area in Bali. Since we wanted to cover most of the tourist attractions, We combined two packages. There were some places which we were not interested to visit, such as markets. So we took them off, and added alternatives, which falls on the same route. The 5 day itinerary post has the complete detail but I will mention what we took off in the original itinerary.

  • Two Days Round Trip
    • Day 1: We took  Candi Kuning Fruits and Flowers Market and alternated it with Tanah Lot Temple, So the first day tour was started from that.
    • Day 2: Instead of Ubud Market and Snorkeling, we opted for the Monkey Kingdom (Which we couldn’t visit due to rain) and Silver workshop
  • Denpasar and South Bali
    • This was a single day tour. We paid the price of the package but gave our own route, which was pretty much the same distance, and was a better deal for the tour guide. The only places we visited from the original Itinerary are Uluwatu Temple & Nusa Dua Beach. The rest which are mentioned in the itinerary are what we asked for.

Total Expense for Two days Round Trip (per person)  : 150 USD * 2 = 300 USD

Total Expense for Denpsar and South Bali tour (per vehicle)  : 50 USD 


This is where we calculate all the other extra expenses such as

  • Lunch/Dinner
    • 2 days of lunch and 1 night’s dinner was covered by the tour package we purchased. Therefore, we took care of lunch and dinner for 3 days. The approximate for a meal for two would be about  11 USD. So that, in to 6 meals would come up to about 70 USD
  • Spa
    • How can your tour be complete without splurging on a good spa treatment! We opted for the spa in the hotel itself so the cost was 61 USD. Pretty sure there are cheaper Spas out there, so you can adjust it according to your liking.

So there goes the breakdown. It can be plus or minus depending on the expenses that you have, but we feel that it was a pretty good tour with good food and accommodation. After all, Bali is a place where you can have a luxury stay for a lesser rate, so plan your tour wisely, to make the most of it.

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