Bali – Beach Review

Bali – Beach Review

Bali beach visits are a part of every travel itinerary Especially for the ones who reside in Australia, as Bali is very close to them. During our stay, covered 6 beaches.  This post would give a bit of details on what each area has for you, to plan your tour better.

Kuta Beach

For all 6 beaches, this area was the most crowded. It may be because Kuta beach is actually very close to Ngurah Rai International airport. (You can see air planes landing and taking off from the side of the beach) Most people who decide to stay in Kuta, choose this beach to idle and relax.

Bali - Kuta Beach during the evening, Just before the sunset

The place is great for a good dinner out, surf and just relax on the beach. You get many solo masseurs, offering to do mini foot massages etc. This area is packed with city hotels facing the beach, and loads of clubs and pubs. Leading to the beach, you get a food street, with all kinds of street food you can ever imagine. You get middle scaled shopping malls and little local vendor outlets where they have temporary tattoos and again, spas etc.

Lovina Beach

Located at the top most of Bali Island, This beach is known for its tranquility. We experienced Lovina beach as we set off to for Dolphin watching here. This area mostly has resorts along the shore and a few cafes/pubs. Mostly, Lovina is a quiet city where you can enjoy your time at the hotel of your choice.

Bali - Lovina Beach while sailing off for Dolphin Watching

Nusa Dua Beach/ Water Blow

Beautiful and a quiet , Nusa dua is known for it’s clean sands. Most of the high end hotels have taken up the shore area, and the beach is curved in, creating a safer space for swimming. Along the side, there is a well maintained and built park, which leads to a helipad and a grand hindu statue depicting historical characters. On the side, you get the little path towards the Nusa Dua Water blow. We were told that luck plays a bit of a role to see the Water Blow, and we believe that we are a bit lucky then.

Bali - Nusa Dua Beach

Nusa Dua is great for relaxation and have a peaceful swim. It is clean, and recommended as a Kid-Safe area

Bali - Nusa Dua Water Blow

Pandawa Beach

This is a beach with a historic value, as per our driver. There are statues built of different gods and you have to take a downhill route until you reach the beach level from the cliff which edges around the area.

Bali - Pandawa Beach

Popular among the locals, this beach was crowded with surfers, families and also local people who arrive to practice religious activities. There is a huge parking area with a few vendor stalls with street food. This place is more of a family venue than a relaxation area. A lot of construction is going on at the entrance, possibly some high end hotels in the process of owning a magnificent view.

Bali - Pandawa Beach

Blue Point Beach

THE most favorite beach for me up to date. This is known as Suluban/ Hidden beach as well for it’s structure with caves. You have to climb down to the beach from the ground level, passing many bars and small scale restaurants. Well, the path is not clean at all, with food and cans scattered around. This is a popular choice for European travelers, Aussies and also surfers, and you can see a lot of them shredding the waves, making a great view during sunset.

Blue Point Beach, also known as the Secret Beach in Bali. It also has another name as Suluban, which I think refers to the caves

Just before you enter the beach, you have to climb down a unsecured stair case which is narrow. It leads directly to the caved area, which is filled with waves during high tide. Once you pass that, you step in to the gorgeous beach, where you can spot different kinds of fish in the Crystal clear water.

Honestly, such a lovely place to just sit and watch. I didn’t want to leave the place for a really long time, until I was reminded there are two other places we need to go.

Entrance to Blue Point Beach, also known as the Secret Beach in Bali. It also has another name as Suluban, which I think refers to the caves

Padang Padang Beach

Again, a climb down from the cliff, this time it was not as difficult as to get to Blue point beach. We met a few surfers returning back to the car park, so we guess this is again a surfer favorite. The stairway leading to the beach is narrow and dark, built between two rocks.

I would define this as a miniature Blue Point beach, that has the same caved construction and clean water. The stretch is fairly smaller, and it was less crowded. We witnessed sunset at this point, which was beautiful! You can just sit back and have a peaceful evening as the crowd here are more of the laid back type.

Padang Padang beach - Bali, Another Caved beach in South Kuta.


There you go! 6 beaches we covered. For those who like me, coming from a land owning beautiful beaches of our own, I suggest Blue Point, Padang Padang and Nusa Dua as the must visits.




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