Badulla – Dunhinda Falls

Badulla – Dunhinda Falls

Our trip to Dunhinda is a bit funny. We can safely say this was the bravest thing we did right after we got married. With a spine and limb ache from worshiping 200+ guests at the wedding that happened the day before.

We were on our way to 98 Acres from Kandy, passing through Badulla. On our way we happen to notice this huge board on to our left hand side. Both of us just looked at each other, to figure that it’s a clear Okay from both. We both have separately been to Dunhinda while we were young. This is one of the childhood trip destinations where you go with 2 or 3 families. That was ages ago!  We actually thought Dunhinda falls is just a hop, skip and a jump away from the entrance.

Right when we enter, there is a well built walking path in cement, with shops on both sides. Fascinated by how developed the road is, we started our journey. I was wearing some fancy slippers, did’t really think the “fancy” bit was going to fall off at Dunhinda when I started to walk.


After passing the ticket counter, ( Rs. 20/= for Locals and Rs.200/= for Foreigners. Hmmmm). Both of us regained our lost memory on how this journey is. To begin with, It is a narrow, rocky path with one side of it is an edge of a cliff. You have branches to support you along the way, and rocks to keep you entertained by hitting your foot to shoot you few meters further.

The Walk

I would be wrong if I say, those are the only things that was on the path. It is a beautiful walk. With greenery all over, and the sound of Dunhinda falls getting stronger by every meter we get close. There are small bridges made, to close the gaps on the way. As a result, the walk is a little easier at some points. We had to pass little puddles and streams of water, that are clear enough to have a sip from. When we got closer to the waterfall, the stairs got steep. There is a lot of climbing up and down. Probably, it is lot easier for someone else but given that we did our own variation of dips the day before, I was thinking “Why the hell did I agree to this”.

Dunhinda Waterfall

And The Waterfall!

After about a half an hour walk, we reached the beautiful and the magnicificent Dunhinda waterfall!  The scenery is so beautiful, that it is a waste if it was available to view without any pain. Both of us were lucky to spot a rainbow along with the Waterfall, which made the whole picture a scene from a movie. The smokey dew drops sprayed on us, helping us to recover from the walk we had up to the point we were standing at.

There is a viewing deck made for the visitors, I think after many deaths occurred by people trying to get closer to the waterfall. You cannot miss the huge boards with the count of deaths and accidents put at the corner, to keep the visitors informed and safe.

After spending a good half an hour admiring the beauty, we headed back to the entrance. The road is less challenging this time. Along the way, there is couple of small shops where native vendors sell lime juice, herbal drinks and small bites. Having a few stops here and there, we got back to our vehicle, with a smile on our face and being happy for the choice we made.

To state a bit of facts about the waterfall, it is of 64 meters in height, and it is located about 5km from Badulla town. This is created by the river named “Badulu Oya”.

It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls Sri Lanka owns, and we are glad to visit it for the 2nd time in our lives 🙂

Dunhinda Falls


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