The two of us, started off the journey of life together in 2016. Since then, we are travelling. While the hobby of one us is photography, I enjoy writing. So, combination seemed perfect enough to put this site together. The blog is more of a travel diary for us, but it became an easier way to share information with our friends about the trips we've made. Our travel diary has a slow growth, as we are also occupied with day jobs that keeps us fed and lets us travel. We both are from the nerd category, the Information Technology field. Travel, is what keeps us sane so we will be doing this as long as we work, we think. You will notice that we are more in to green, as Nature attracts us more than anything else. So if you are one of us who are stunned by magnificent mountains, rivers, waterfalls and forests, this blog is for you.

Some of the places that we visited had very less information online, so we thought of documenting all what we found. It might help another traveler, in need of details.If there are any questions about any of the places, please feel free to mail us! Unless we suffer from dementia in the future, I'm sure we can help you out with what we know. Please subscribe and stay tuned, we will share our travel stories as we can 🙂

You can reach using Contact Us page, or drop a mail at backpackerduoweb@gmail.com